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Though it may seem a little strange to advertise a best online casino in the air over Las Vegas, that is exactly what one company is doing.

One best online casino, which operates several websites offering casino games, sports betting, bingo and other internet gambling has recently signed a deal with advertising company InterAir Media. The agency is a specialized media broker that focuses their operations on the airline industry, and the deal will see this best online casino sponsoring specially branded airplanes flying in and out of McCarran International Airport in Las Vegas.

All the airplanes to be sponsored by this best online casino are a part of the Allegiant Air group, which is a budget passenger carrier based in Nevada and offering service between Las Vegas and 32 cities in the US, including Fresno, Ca, Idaho Falls, Id, Cedar Rapids, IA, Chicago, Il, Toledo, Oh and Shreveport, La, as well as the Pittsburgh area and the New York City area. The Airline also has connecting flights to their second base in Orlando, Florida, which primarily services the Eastern and central states.

Six airplanes will be sponsored by this best online casino, with the planes being wrapped with the web address and logo of one of the best online casino’s internet gambling entertainment sites, offering sports betting, poker and other casino games with the chance to win big cash payouts. The company also has online gaming websites that allow players to enjoy all the same great games for free.

The best online casino’s new marketing stunt is not the first to put advertising space on an airplane, with one of the more famous examples of this being planes flown by Southwest Airlines that were painted to depict Shamu the killer whale in a promotion for Sea World.

The advertising deal with the best online casino will also feature in-flight announcements to inform passengers about this best online casino and brochures advertising the best online casino will be placed in seat pockets. In addition, the tray tables on the plane will be covered to look like a blackjack table with the logo of the best online casino on it, when the table is opened down. The marketing deal is planned to run for three months and cost the best online casino a price of around half a million dollars.

A spokesperson for the best online casino reportedly stated that online gambling works side by side with land-based casinos such as those found in Las Vegas. The best online casino does not feel that land based casinos offer any competition for them. For anyone who has studied the psychology of gamblers, it is perfectly acceptable to advertise a best online casino in the nation’s capital of land-based gambling.

The chief executive at this best online casino was reported to have said that studies show the typical passenger who flies on low-fare airlines such as Allegiant would only visit Las Vegas at most one or two times in a year, and spend their gambling budget in local Indian casinos and best online casinos the rest of the time.

In addition to the airplane advertising, a billboard carrying a picture of one of the branded planes will be erected next month in Las Vegas on East Tropicana Avenue.