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Winning With Keno!

Keno is the jackpot game that lit up Vegas after travelling around the globe from its ancient Far Eastern origins. Today – the Vegas magic is alive on the web, paying out millions and millions in jackpot cash every year. Check out the basics of the famous game, and see what it takes to get lucky.

Keno nuts ‘n’ bolts

Keno is the definitive instant-play lotto game – with a cool difference! The game is played with 80 numbers (1-80), but only 20 numbers are drawn per round. Keno gamers have the option of picking between 4 and 10 numbers (‘spots’ if you use Keno jargon). The fact that keno players do not have to rely on automated random tickets, gives keno a magical appeal. For example, if you want to game with special dates and numbers – just go ahead. Equally – discard the losers and unlucky selection before you even start!

Winning with keno

Fundamentally, keno is played for fun – laced with the golden but small chance of striking it rich! Thus, it’s no surprise that winning at keno takes a fair bit of luck. In addition, the higher you set your eights – the smaller your chances of winning.
For example, if you play with 4 keno numbers/spots – some keno games will payout a small win for 1 correct number. In addition, the odds of landing a mini 4 number jackpot is 325-1.
If you progress to a 6 spot keno ticket, the payouts only start at 3 numbers, but progress to a win level of around 1500.00 to 7500.00, depending on your stake level.

Winning numbers £1 ticket £2 ticket £3 ticket
3 1.00 2.00 5.00
4 8.00 16.00 40.00
5 50.00 100.00 250.00
6 1500.00 3000.00 7500.00

At the extreme end of keno gaming, 10 Full House numbers have odds of around 8,000,000 to one – but can deliver simply bind blowing jackpot levels that can reach millions! Since keno is ultimately all about getting lucky, it doesn’t really matter how you play the game (except for sticking to a sensible weekly gaming budget!). However, the most popular keno tickets remain 5-10 spot cards with low stakes – delivering a chance to win huge sums with a low expenditure.

Some keno strategists suggest that you can influence your lotto luck by using a few time-tested methods. The most popular keno strategy is the ‘lucky number’ concept. Simply put – isn’t it funny how some lotto numbers keep winning round after round? Well, maybe it’s not so ‘funny’ after all – because it could be totally logical! Some statisticians hold the view that numbers can get locked into a winning pattern, meaning they really can get ‘lucky’ for an un-defined period of time. You can use the live results screen to locate the high frequency winners, and it could tempt fate in your direction. But, ultimately it’s all just luck – or is it?