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Big wins with Keno

Parlour games like keno, scratch cards and bingo are becoming increasingly popular leisure options for hundreds of thousands of people in the UK and rest of the world – not least because they offer a low cost, stay at home form of entertainment. However, keno is many people’s number one choice, because it delivers some unique online lotto features and advantages when compared with similar games. Check out the special powers of online keno, and try it out for free.

Keno – get gaming for jackpot fun instantly!

What makes keno so special, and why do millions of gamers say it’s the best lotto game in the world? The answer lies in keno’s cool and unique lotto selection power. You see, in many online lotto games like bingo – the computer randomly gives you numbered cards, meaning you can end up with a load of numbers you think have no chance of winning (ah, not the number 7 again!) With keno, it’s 100% different, because you can pick 4-10 numbers, from 0-180! That means you can go with lucky numbers, dates and hot session numbers. Not only is keno more fun than other lotto games, it’s also potentially a game you can play with elements of strategy and instinct.

Win big with online keno

Keno is all about the chance of striking a massive jackpot, with many super keno games delivering huge wins worth hundreds of thousands. Keno gamers play for the rush and intrinsic excitement of seeing their numbers launched from the keno spinner – coupled with the small but very real chance of hitting jackpot paradise.

Keno tips for fun and lady luck!

Keno wins need lady luck to shine down on you – but is it all 100% chance? According to some gaming experts, because keno lets you pick your own numbers, there’s a possibility that you could potentially boost your chances of winning by selecting the right numbers! For example, the Andrucci theory of chaos, suggests that keno numbers will go through periods when they are either hot or cold. By using the live stats screen, you can look for number patterns and high frequency winners. Putting these hot numbers on your tickets could be a route to more success. There are several other good keno tips, such as gaming with a small weekly budget, always basing your keno gaming on fun, and occasionally playing with multi-cards to boost your hopes of success.
Keno has fool proof rules, so there’s no real learning curve required – but the chance to play with free bonus credits is still something everyone should take advantage of. If you want to try keno without spending any cash, then opt for some of the excellent no-deposit download bonuses, which provide free coins, just for downloading and signing-up. It the ideal way to try out some fun strategies and generally game 100% care free.