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Check out the most popular niches that are leading the way in new generation gambling.

Casual online gambling


Casual gambling on sports and in casinos, forms the biggest part of the online gambling world – with gamers focusing on the whole spectrum of leisure options; including slots, video slots, Vegas table games, lotto’s, bingo, keno and 200 or more casino games, in addition to traditional sports wagering. In fact, online gambling is now one of the UK’s most popular leisure pursuits, which can be played with low stakes – making it a potentially low-risk option for fun and pleasure.

New casual gambling options include console-slot hybrid games like Tombraider Secret of the Sword and multi-player slot contests – trends that are giving the gambling world more mass appeal by the day.

Naturally, every casual gamer still has the chance and desire to win money, and many are increasingly looking to use strategies and elements of skill in their gaming – to boost both the excitement and the potential rewards.

Jackpot online gambling


Jackpot gambling is essentially an extended form of casual gambling, but since there are also thousands of deadly serious jackpot gamers out there in cyberspace, jackpot gaming needs special attention! Essentially, this form of online gambling is the fruit machine lotto – offering machines such as Major Millions Progressive Jackpot, which can payout millions of dollars with one ultra-lucky spin!

Jackpot gamblers range from small stakes recreational gamers, to high staking gambling pro’s who are willing to use max stakes to access the full jackpot payout potential. Since jackpot games also deliver small slot payouts, gamers can theoretically use high stakes and still get a decent return, even if they don’t hit the gambling gold!

Hardcore online gambling


Skilled online gambling is a serious pursuit for more and more Internet users, and with the web now firmly established as a reputable and responsive gambling medium, it’s a trend that’s predicted to grow hugely in the next decade. The concept of skilled gambling isn’t about making a quick buck or landing massive jackpots. Instead serious online gambling is all about being able to get a relatively small edge, which can equate to massive profits when using high stakes and a high gaming volume, over a long period of time.

Both sports and casino gambling can be approached with skill, although technically any sports gamble can be played with skill, while it’s vital to select casino games which are specifically known to respond to strategic game-play (most notably poker, video poker, blackjack, Craps and even roulette).

The huge number of free gambling systems and strategies on the web makes trying skilled gaming/sports betting easier than ever before, and while it will never become easy to master the casinos and sports books – anyone can give it a shot without excessive risk. In fact, many skilled gamblers have started out with £50 banks and leveraged it up to massive pro gambling levels.