thebreakpointfilm bingo Scottish woman wins Biggest Bingo Jackpot Ever!

Scottish woman wins Biggest Bingo Jackpot Ever!

Soraya Lowell had a big surprise at her local bingo game last week when she won the biggest ever jackpot in a land-based bingo hall. Lowell took home the top prize of £1,167,795 – the local prize combined with the Platinum national jackpot. This is claimed to be the biggest bingo prize ever worldwide.

Soraya plays bingo regularly with her friend and neighbor Agnes O’Neill and in a benevolent gesture, decided to split the money with her friend. Agnes will receive £500,000.

The two are close friends who “always share everything” and Soraya cared for her friend Agnes when she was ill. The pair celebrated with friends until 6am after their win.

38 year old Lowell, from Lanarkshire, Scotland, is mother to four children. Her win breaks the record for bingo wins, exceeding the last bingo millionaire. Christine Bradfield, from Methyr Tydfill Wales, won £1.1 million in January.

Modest Lowell says she will not give up her cleaning job just yet, and is still waiting for the fantastic news to sink in. Her children have already put in requests for cars and other gifts.

The National Bingo Game is a nationwide game that links bingo halls all over the UK. If the jackpot is not claimed one week, it rolls over to the next, which is how it can rise into the millions. To win the platinum jackpot, a player has to win the National Prize and call on number 90.