thebreakpointfilm bingo New bingo TV show set to hit UK screens

New bingo TV show set to hit UK screens

If you like your bingo with some extra pizzazz, Celebrity TV Bingo could be for you.

Due to be launched this summer across the UK, a new TV show combines online bingo with celebrity presenters.

Netplay TV, based in London, is producing the show, which will feature former Bullseye presenter Jim Bowen as well as comedy duo Canon and Ball.

The show will run every weekday morning, and will allow players to print off bingo cards and play in front of the TV, as the celebrity host calls the numbers. Viewers will have the chance to win instant cash prizes or appear on TV.

Celebrity TV Bingo will be run in conjunction with, recently acquired by Netplay. This online bingo site has over 1 million users across Europe.

The TV show is a new concept, tying in online gambling sites with interactive television and celebrity hosts – it’s sure to be a hit among bingo fans.

Other TV gambling shows that have had success include Late Night Poker, the show that helped bring poker to millions of people around the world. This show is credited with the boom in online poker, which still seems to be on the up.

Criticism rained down on Fox’s reality show, ‘Double or Nothing’, where contestants would bet everything they owned on one spin of the roulette wheel in Las Vegas. Of course, this makes for excellent, edge-of-your-seat viewing, but it is questionable in its ethics.

Celebrity TV Bingo is sure to be popular among the UK’s bingo-mad population. Although bingo was once the game of choice of old ladies, it has firmly established itself as a fun activity for younger people, who mostly play online, enjoying the friendly community atmospheres of online bingo sites.